Terms & Conditions

Please read all items carefully before accepting these Terms of Use. By agreeing to these Terms, these Terms shall be deemed to be binding on you or the organization you represent (“Partner Company”).
If you do not have the right to represent the Partner Company, or if you do not wish to agree to all the terms of these Terms, you agree to these Terms, complete the registration form and You may not link to the Service (as defined below). If you have already done any of these things, please contact us immediately. Users are encouraged to print and save this Affiliate Registration Form with these Terms of Use.

1. General rules

1.1. These Terms of Use are SIMPLICITY MALTA LTD (Company Number C 89466, Level G (Office 1/4457) Quantum House, 75 Abate Rigord Street, Ta’, which is a legally established and existing company under the laws of Malta. A contract between Xbiex, XBX 1120, Malta (“Simplicity Affiliates” or “SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES” in these Terms of Use) and any individual or institution listed as a “partner company” in the affiliate registration form. ..

1.2. References to “Partner Company,” “User,” or “User’s” shall mean the individual or company identified by the name on the affiliate registration form.

1.3. If the information provided on the Affiliate Registration Form is false or incorrect, or if the person submitting the Affiliate Registration Form does not have the right to act on behalf of the Partner Company, it will affect other actions that Simplicity Affiliates can take. Person submitting the Affiliate Registration Form without effect shall be bound by these Terms of Use, and all references to “Partner Company” in these Terms of Use shall be made by the person who submitted the Affiliate Registration Form and/or its Refers to the organization on behalf of the person who submitted the form.

1.4. The user declares that he is 18 years of age or older.

1.5. You and your Partner Company declare and warrant that the information you provide in the Affiliate Registration Form is true, complete and accurate. We will notify SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES immediately of any changes to the information provided on the affiliate registration form.

1.6. You agree that SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES may, in its sole discretion, perform your verification and may require you to submit certain documents for that purpose. The user agrees to promptly submit documents for identification, proof of place of residence and address, and proof of age when required.
In particular, if the partner company is a single individual, the user may request public proofs with photos, proof of the user’s age and address (such as utility bills and bank statements) upon request. The person’s name and address) must be submitted. Or in all other cases, a registration certificate or similar certificate, a composition document showing the shareholders and directors of the company, a document that can prove that the company’s condition is normal, a utility bill or bank statement You will need to submit a document that confirms your company address, such as a letter.

1.7. These Terms of Use indicate that you agree to these Terms of Use in the affiliate registration form and/or link to any part of the Service as defined in Article 2 of these Terms of Use. By doing so, you will be binding on the partner company.

1.8. These Terms of Use may be amended from time to time by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES by notifying our partner companies by e-mail or posting a revised version on the affiliate website. Changes to laws, regulatory policies, security requirements, detection or prevention of illegal activities (such as fraud), or modifications to similar matters are binding immediately upon notification. Otherwise, it will become binding 7 days after notification. It is your responsibility to check the affiliate website and always be aware of the latest terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the amended Terms of Use, you must terminate this Agreement. Your continued activity and/or promotion of this Service under these Terms of Use means your approval and consent to the modification.

1.9. You will perform your obligations under these Terms of Use solely for the commercial purposes set forth herein, ie, for advertising related sites, and for any other purpose (whether for loss prevention or otherwise). I agree not to do so.

1.10. Unless stated otherwise in any of the Supplements, in the event of any discrepancy between the Supplement and the Simplicity Affiliates Marketing Terms of Use, the provisions of the Simplicity Affiliates Marketing Terms of Use shall prevail.

1.11. In these Terms of Use, the terms “administrator,” “data subject,” “personal data,” “processing,” and “processor” are defined in the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (“GDPR”). Shall have meaning.

2. Definition and interpretation

2.1. In these Terms of Use, the following terms and phrases shall have the meanings defined below.

2.1.1. “Terms of Use” means these Simplicity Affiliates Marketing Terms of Use, which are subject to change. All supplementary provisions (including rules, policies and guidelines) provided by the affiliate registration form and from time to time via email by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or usually by linking to the affiliate website www.vjgroupaffiliation.com or other websites , Form an integral part of these Terms of Use.

2.1.2. The “Service” in these Terms of Use refers to the service provided by any of the related sites defined below.

2.1.3. “Related Sites” means all sites listed on the Affiliate Website. These are websites owned and operated by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and/or websites authorized to advertise to SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES.
Websites may be added by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. You agree to promote these sites by explicitly activating your account for these websites. By doing so, these additional websites will automatically be included in the “Related Sites” of these Terms of Use.

2.1.5. “Player” refers to the person using the Service on any of the related sites.

2.1.6. “Introduced Players” are Players who have not previously registered on any of the relevant sites and as a result of the Partner Company’s unique efforts to meet all of the following conditions:

(1) Introduced to one of the related sites through a partner company
(2) In accordance with the requirements of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES that operates this service, the account is properly registered on
any of the related sites (3) Any related site Certified as a player by
(4) SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES meets the qualifications prescribed for operating this service
(5) Based on the information registered in the relevant related site or SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES system The first real money specified by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES has been deposited into the above account
(6) You are not a dormant player. For clarity, a player once considered dormant under these Terms of Use will no longer be a referral player.
(7) Not an affiliate, business partner, relative or friend

2.1.7. “Player Data” includes, but is not limited to, player contact information and other personal data, whether or not it is registered in the database, and “Player Data” is interpreted accordingly. You and shall.

2.1.8. “Partner Commission” means the amount paid to the Partner Company for the services provided under these Terms of Use and is calculated as set forth in Section 5 of these Terms of Use.

2.1.9. “Partner Website” means the Website or the Websites listed under “Website” in the affiliate registration form, which may be added or modified at any time. “Partner Websites” also includes other websites that provide links to one or more SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES brands, and those links provide introductory information related to the Partner Company.

2.1.10. “Partner Service” means a service provided by a Partner Company under these Terms of Use, as described in Section 3.1 of these Terms of Use.

2.1.11. “Commission Account” means an account established by a Partner Company on the SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES system at the decision of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES, and Partner Commissions for the Partner Company will be paid to this account.

2.1.12. “Net Revenue” for a given period is total revenue for the same period less bonuses, contributions to the Delta Jackpot (plus if Jackpot is won), game tax and fees. Refers to the amount of money. If a player is on hold, that player will not have any impact on commission until the hold is released. A “pending player” is a player who has generated a negative net income of minus €5,000 or less in a single period. For example, a big winning player will be held until that player’s balance is zero and the player will have no impact on the commission during the holding period. Fees include license fees, payment fees, chargeback fees and chargeback fees. If the chargeback fees and charges are above normal, Simplicity Affiliates reserves the right to apply an additional deduction unless the chargeback is considered fraudulent and constitutes a breach of contract.

2.1.13. “Total Revenue” for a particular period of time refers to the real money revenue generated by the Referral Player as a result of using this Service on related sites.

2.1.14. “Partner Brand” means a brand, trademark, trade name or domain name operated as a skin or white label on any of the related sites, which may be changed at any time by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or the partner brand owner. There is. A list of current related sites can be found at [[ https://vjgroupaffiliation.com/ ,here]]. It is the user’s responsibility to check the latest version of these Terms of Use posted on the affiliate website and to be aware of the current list of related sites.

2.1.15. A “dormant player” is a referral player who has not made a deposit on any of the related sites within 6 months of account registration.

2.1.16. “Affiliated company” means a company that is involved in a general business or daily operation system, similar to the owner/licensed licensee of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or any of the partner brands.

2.2. The section headings are for informational purposes only.

3. Partner company rights and obligations

3.1. In accordance with these Terms of Use, Partner Companies may market, advertise and promote related Sites and referrals that are potential Players via the Partner Website and other means including Email and SMS (“Partner Services”). Introduce players to related sites.

3.2. The Partner Company shall proactively and effectively commit to the Partner Service from the viewpoint of making the Service a long-term successful business and maximizing the profit of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and the Partner Company.

3.3. The Partner Company shall provide space for banners and links to advertise the Services on the Partner Website and on other websites and media approved by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES.

3.4. Unless otherwise agreed, all marketing materials used by Partner Sites to perform Partner Services will be provided to Partner Sites free of charge by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES.

3.5. The Partner Company provides Partner Services that the Partner Company deems appropriate and effective in accordance with its obligations under Articles 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.10, 3.11 and 3.14. will do. The Partner Company shall be fully responsible for the content of such Partner Marketing Materials and the marketing materials not provided by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES.

3.6. For all advertising, advertising, or marketing content conducted by Partner Company using any brand of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES, whether banners, advertisements, or otherwise, Partner Company shall at all times receive prior notice from SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. We shall obtain and maintain written permission. If the marketing materials are provided by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES, then the provision of the materials is deemed to authorize their use.

3.7. The Partner Company shall comply with the following matters: laws applicable to the Partner Company, good practices, proper business law, operation of the Partner Company’s website including the Partner Website, use by the Partner Company of this use. Activities undertaken by the Partner Company under these Terms of Use in the local markets where activities are conducted under the Terms of Use or those targeted by the Partner Company

3.8. Without affecting the generality of Section 3.7 above, Partner Company shall not endorse or recommend that it, or any third party, do the following:

3.8.1. Partner companies acknowledge that betting promotion or solicitation is subject to legal restrictions in some countries and may be prohibited. Such restrictions are subject to change at any time. Partner Company shall not enter into this Agreement if Gambling is illegal or its advertising, marketing or advertising is illegal in any of its Target Markets. The Partner Company shall be solely responsible for such conduct and shall exempt and defend against SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES in all liabilities incurred by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES resulting from the breach of the above provisions.

3.8.2. Causing disturbing marketing/traffic

3.8.3. Provide partner services in an illegal manner or format, including posting or using material such as: Malicious, Obscene, Sexually Obvious, Violent, Potentially Slandering, Discriminatory, Third Under 18 (or equivalent if the legal age of the jurisdiction covered by the partner company is 18 years or older) that infringes the intellectual property rights, ownership, credit or reputation of a person

3.8.4. Interfering with the operation or access to related sites

3.8.5. Provide partner services that are misleading or confusing regarding the relationship between the referral player/the prospective customer of the referral player and the partner company and related sites operated by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES, or misleading or confusing regarding the operation, function or ownership of the related sites.

3.8.6. Unsolicited mass communication (UMC) or use, commonly referred to as “spam.” SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES reserves the right, in addition to any other means available by law, to terminate this Agreement immediately if it becomes clear that the Partner Company is not in compliance with its obligations. In addition, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will close all partners’ accounts and withhold funds immediately if the partners use spam. As part of the current measures, legal action will be taken if the use of spam becomes apparent. All forms of cookie phishing that do not advertise your brand according to brand guidelines

3.8.7. To provide information and advertising on how players may abuse the bonus program or engage in fraud under partner brands.

3.9. Partner companies can introduce sub-affiliates. It is the responsibility of the Partner Company to ensure that the Sub Affiliate is aware of and agrees to these Terms of Use and all other terms and conditions applicable in connection with the Sub Affiliate. The Partner Company is committed to providing and continuing to provide the Sub-Affiliates referred to with all necessary details regarding the enforcement of these Terms of Use.

3.10. The Partner Company shall be solely responsible to SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES in all matters that the Sub-Affiliates referred to by the Partner Company do or do not do. Sub-affiliate claims arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use are a matter only between the Partner Company and the Sub-Affiliate, and SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and other SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES Group Companies may We do not take any responsibility for.

3.11. Partner companies are not allowed to provide rakebacks in any form. Any breach of these Terms will give SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES the right to terminate this Agreement immediately.

3.12. The Partner Company shall have the right to modify or cancel any part of the Service at any time in any manner deemed appropriate by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES without prior notice to the Partner Company and without liability of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. I acknowledge and agree that

3.13. In order to fulfill the obligations based on these Terms of Use, especially the obligations related to calculation and payment of partner commissions, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will cooperate with affiliated companies that provide this service to related sites and exchange information. You acknowledge and agree that you need to do it. In this regard, the Partner Company agrees to:

3.13.1. Allow SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES to disclose to and obtain from the affiliated company operating the Service all information that may be necessary for the proper performance of these Terms of Use.

3.13.2. Exempt SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and its affiliates operating the Services from all liability related to or arising from the above disclosure.

3.14. Without prejudice to the generality set forth above, the Partner Company will, during the expiry date of these Terms of Use, to the extent permitted by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES, for the purpose of performing Partner Services by the Partner Company in accordance with the terms of these Terms of Use. , Have the right to use the SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES brand.

3.14.1. Partner Company may (a) SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES brand name or variations or spellings, and/or (b) Partner Brand Name or variations or spellings, on the Partner Website/Software Application or in any other form. It is not permitted to register or use a domain name including a modified version. In the event of doubts regarding a domain name, or if the domain name is similar to either the SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES brand or the partner brand, the Partner Company will obtain written consent from SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES before registering or using the domain name. Need to get

3.14.2. Partner companies may use websites or software applications that have a domain name/application name, including SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES brand names or variations or spelling variants, other than related sites, regardless of means such as links or traffic redirection. Use of this website in a manner that promotes it or permits its use by third parties is prohibited. Also,


Partner companies are not permitted to engage in any manner that may compete with the marketing activities of VJ Group affiliation and/or licensors without prior written approval from VJ Group affiliation. Without limiting what the above terms generally imply, Partners may use Pay Per Click, Partner Websites or other websites (via search engines, directories, or online databases) using VJ Group affiliation or its brands. Use of search terms or keywords (including), app optimization, portal appearance, forum appearance, or identifiers similar or misleading to the VJ Group affiliation brand mark.

Four. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES rights and obligations

4.1. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES offers a program that allows partner companies to manage payments to partner commissions and their commission accounts using an online monitoring system on a secure website.

4.2. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES declares here that the Service is operated by Simplicity Affiliates and that Simplicity Affiliates is responsible for compliance with all regulations or laws governing the operation of the Service, and the Partner Company I acknowledge and agree. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGED AGAINST CHANGES IN GOVERNMENT REGULATORY POLICIES OR LAW, which MAY HAVE OR LIMIT THE OPERATION OF ANY FIELD OF THIS SERVICE. Statement and Partner Company acknowledges and agrees to this.

4.3. The Service shall be provided in all forms and scope as deemed appropriate by the Simplicity Affiliates operating the Service.

4.4. In the event that the Partner Company violates any provision of these Terms of Use, in addition to the law and other measures available to SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES under these Terms of Use, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will notify You have the right to terminate the contract. Unless the breach by the partner company is material and/or irreversible (the decision is at SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES’s sole discretion), SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will allow the partner company to correct the situation and make mistakes before the contract is terminated. In order to provide the opportunity to overcome, we shall provide our partners with a period of 10 days or more.

4.5. This Agreement does not impose an exclusive obligation on SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES accepts no liability for engaging in competing agreements with partner companies.

4.6. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms of Use, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and other affiliates, their respective directors, officers, employees, partners, shareholders or consultants shall not Take no responsibility. This is also the case if such loss is caused by the fact that SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES could not guarantee the provision of the Service specified in these Terms of Use for any reason, regardless of the liability of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or a third party. It is applied.

4.7. Unless expressly stated in these Terms of Use, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES makes no warranties or representations of any kind.

4.8. In the event that the Partner Company violates Article 3.14, in addition to the measures available by law to SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will be registered as registrants of all domain names registered or used by the breaching Partner Company. Have the right to The Partner Company assists SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and/or, regardless of top-level general domain name, country top-level domain, or otherwise, names all such domain names as SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES as specified by SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. Transfer to AFFILIATES or partner brand owner.

Five. Partner commission

5.1. For Partner Services provided by the Partner Company, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or Name Agent shall pay the Partner Commission to the Partner Company as described in this clause.

5.2. Partner commissions paid to partner companies are calculated based on the net revenue of the referral player. This percentage is the revenue share based on the monthly loss amount of the introduced player and the ongoing promotion of the partner company on the related site. The contents of standard partner commissions are based on the table below:

Monthly reward distribution Reward rate Reward amount
$0 – $5000 12.5% Up to $625
$5001 – $10000 15% Up to $1500
$10001 – $20000 17.5% Up to $3500
$20001 – $30000 20% Up to $6000
$30001 – $50000 22.5% Up to $11250
$50001 – no cap twenty five% Without limit

When a partner company introduces a sub-affiliate, the partner company must have the prior agreement of the affiliate manager and the certification by the SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES affiliate director in order to receive the sub-affiliate commission for the sub-affiliate.

5.3. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES shall pay the partner commission of the previous month to the partner company by 20th of every month. The payment will be accompanied by a written statement detailing the calculation of the partner commission.

5.4. Partner commissions are paid to your commission account.

5.5. In the event that a partner company charges a fee for withdrawing from a commission account, it shall be solely borne by the partner company.

5.6. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES reserves the right to adjust Partner Commission payments from time to time to correct unpaid overpayments and other applicable deductions, such as chargebacks/refunds and related bank charges.

5.6.1. If the affiliate’s net income for the month was minus 4000 euros or less, and if there was a player who made a net income of minus 5000 euros or less among the referral players of that affiliate, that player would be Is removed from the affiliate’s player list and becomes a pending player until is offset by subsequent net revenue from the same player.

5.6.2. If you have more than one pending player, each negative balance will be managed separately.

5.6.3. If the negative balance of the pending player is carried forward, it will not be offset by the net revenue from other players.

5.6.4. When a player’s negative balance is offset by that player’s net income, that player’s subsequent net income is reflected again in normal partner commissions.

5.7. All Partner Commissions will be paid in Euros or other SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES currencies regardless of the currency used by the Referral Player in the Services.

5.8. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES reserves the right to withhold all payments to the Partner Company if the Partner Company violates any provision of these Terms of Use.

5.9. Partner commissions described in Section 5.2 above do not include VAT. Under Maltese law, unless Simplicity Affiliates is responsible for paying Maltese VAT relating to Partner Services (reverse billing), VAT shall be paid separately to the Commission Account as described in Section 5.2. If there is a change in the applicable VAT, the Partner Commissions will be adjusted so that the position of Simplicity Affiliates will be less paid than before.

5.10. Partner Company shall be solely responsible for the registration and accounting of all taxes incurred in connection with all payments made to Partner Company under these Terms of Use.

5.11. Partner companies have the right, at their own expense, to undertake a system and numerical audit of these Terms of Use at reasonable intervals.

  1. Term of contract and termination of contract

6.1. These Terms of Use shall become effective from the date stated in Article 1.7 of these Terms of Use.

6.2. These Terms of Use may be terminated by either party upon a 30-day written notice to the other party.

6.3. Unless expressly stated in these Terms of Use, if either party finds a material breach of these Terms, the other party has the right to terminate these Terms of Use immediately.

6.4. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES reserves the right to terminate these Terms of Use by written notice (including email) if the Partner Company does not actively promote related sites such as: :
(I) SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES have reasonable reasons to consider partner companies not to actively promote related sites, including not introducing a reasonable number of players to related sites in a month. If. (And not actively promoting related sites is considered a serious breach of these Terms of Use.)
; or (ii) for business reasons, or in accordance with internal policies, internal standards, and internal controls. Acts that do not actively promote related sites for any other reason.

6.5. If the Partner Company terminates these Terms of Use without liability or violation of the Terms, the Partner Company will issue Partner Commissions from Referral Players who continue to use the Service for six months from the contract termination date. You still have the right to receive it, as described in Article 5. Partner companies’ right to receive partner commissions terminates only if these Terms of Use terminate for other reasons. If a partner company wishes to resume advertising on related sites, they will need to enter into new terms and conditions between the partner company and SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. In addition, referral players who fall under these Terms of Use shall not fall under the new Terms of Use.

6.6. Introduced players and all player data are property of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES.

6.7. Unless otherwise specified, and with the exception of confidentiality and Article 3.1 of these Terms of Use, the rights and obligations of each party under these Terms of Use shall cease upon termination of these Terms of Use. This matter shall not affect the rights that have arisen before the termination of these Terms of Use.

7. Confidentiality, data protection, use of personal information, player data and non-disclosure consultation

7.1. Both parties acknowledge and acknowledge that they may obtain confidential information about the other party in the performance of these Terms of Use. Each party acknowledges that it will not inappropriately use or disclose the information to third parties unless it is legally required.

7.2. For any information, including but not limited to business, business method, financial situation, customer, partner, supplier, intellectual property rights relating to the other party, regardless of the registration status of such information, the other party We acknowledge that this is confidential information. However, this does not apply if the other party discloses the information as public property.

7.3. The Partner Company acknowledges and acknowledges that all Player Data, including information about Referred Players, will remain the exclusive property of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or its affiliates, regardless of the termination of these Terms of Use.

7.4 Partner Company recognizes that Partner Company is the controller of personal information including surname, given name, registered address, telephone number and Skype ID. The Partner Company acknowledges and acknowledges that SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and its affiliates are the controller of information regarding Referral Players.

7.5 Partner Company shall send direct marketing only to data owners who are authorized to receive marketing under the data protection regulations including GDPR.
The Partner Company is not, and separate from, the Direct Marketing and any related consents sent by the Partner Company under these Terms of Use, which are separate from SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES’s own marketing and player marketing consents. You acknowledge and acknowledge that it will be managed. All direct marketing sent by the Partner Company shall include the ability for the Recipient to request a subsequent unsubscription of the Direct Marketing from the Partner Company.

7.6 In all cases, the Partner Company shall comply with the GDPR with respect to personal information collected by the Partner Company, including but not limited to the following:
(i) the information is collected in a legitimate, legitimate, and impartial manner; (ii) the information is processed according to the legitimate criteria set out in the GDPR; and (iii) the information. Be protected by appropriate technology and organizational means

7.7 Partner Company shall notify SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES immediately upon any complaint by the data owner regarding the direct marketing of the related site or contact from the competent authority.

7.8 Partner Company shall cooperate with SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES whenever possible in the event of information leaks, complaints, and requests for information regarding SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES regarding communications sent by partner companies under these Terms of Use.

7.9 SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES may from time to time require Partner Companies to provide evidence of the aforementioned compliance. The partner company shall provide such evidence immediately.

7.10 If the Partner Company or its employees, contractors, or agents process the SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES for fines, indemnification or other damages due to breach of the aforementioned obligations or data protection regulations including GDPR, the Partner Company shall , We will provide full compensation for this. These Terms of Use do not limit our liability for these negligences.

7.11. Use of Personal Information: SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will use the personal information of the partner company (personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. related to the partner company) for the following purposes:
• Opening and maintaining a partner company’s account at SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES;
• Providing the services provided to these partners by the Terms of Use (including providing marketing materials to the
partner company ); • Partner companies providing to SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES Authenticate information and comply with related rules;
• Activity monitoring to prevent fraud, crime or misconduct (including money laundering) and violations of these Terms of Service;
• SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES against partner companies. Providing future marketing and promotional information;
• Providing account information to
partner companies ; • Enhancing partner companies’ performance of contractual obligations of SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or compliance with partner companies’ contractual obligations to SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. For all other necessary purposes
SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES may provide the Personal Information of the Partner Company to an appropriate third party for the above purposes. Applicable third parties include, but are not limited to:
• an identity or age certifier, or a
credit certifier, or a
relevant public authority, or
• If personal information of a gambling operator, service provider, or
electronic payment service company or financial institution
partner company is transferred outside the European Economic Area, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will take appropriate steps to protect such personal information. (“Appropriate action” means that the European Commission forwards to a competent authority that it finds appropriate protection for rights and freedoms in the processing of personal information. Including).

  1. compensation

8.1. If SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or its representative is damaged by a breach of these Terms of Use by a Partner Company, Partner Company shall compensate SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES and shall not cause any damage.

  1. Other

9.1. Full Agreement: In the event of any agreement to these Terms of Use, if these Terms of Use differ from any other oral or written agreement between Simplicity Affiliates and the Partner Company, these Terms of Use shall prevail.

9.2. Written Amendments: Amendments to these Terms of Use will be agreed in writing, signed by representatives of each party.

9.3. Transfer of Rights: Partner Company may not transfer these Terms of Use or any part thereof without prior consent from SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES. SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES may assign or transfer all the rights and obligations under these Terms of Use or part of them to other companies.

9.4. Divorsibility: If any provision of these Terms of Use is made illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms of Use. will do.

9.5. Force Majeure: Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms of Use, any party may be affected by any reason beyond its reasonable control (“Force Majeure”) in fulfilling its obligations under these Terms of Use. In the event of such occurrence, the party concerned may suspend the performance of its obligations under these Terms of Use. Force majeure includes labor disputes, fires, wars (with or without declaration of war), armed conflicts, terrorist activities, widespread military mobilization, riots, extortion, seizures, embargoes, government activities, import and export restrictions, and the use of electricity. This includes, but is not limited to, limitations, delays or non-compliance with supplies from subcontractors due to the reasons for this clause. The party affected by the Force Majeure shall give written notice to the other party as soon as the effect occurs without undue delay.

9.6. Waiver: Even if either party fails to exercise or delays exercise of its rights under this Terms of Use or any portion thereof, or does not require the other party to promptly fulfill its obligations. It is not considered a waiver. Either party may waive the other party’s obligations only in writing. No waiver of these Terms by any party shall be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach of duty.

9.7. Response to reputation risk: If SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES management determines that the reputation of the partner company or its owner is confirmed and may damage the reputation of the brand belonging to SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or its affiliates, SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES will immediately use this. You have the right to terminate the terms.

9.8. Suspension due to hardware failure: Each party acknowledges that services under these Terms of Use may be suspended due to hardware, supplier or related failures. The Partner Company shall accept SIMPLICITY AFFILIATES or its members, shareholders, directors, officers or employees for punitive damages, consequential damages, damages to profits and savings, direct or indirect loss resulting from these suspensions. , The representative accepts no responsibility.

9.9. Application of Law: These Terms of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta.

9.10. Dispute Resolution: Each party shall endeavor to resolve any dispute regarding these Terms of Use peacefully through dialogue between senior executives. Should a dispute not be settled after sixty (60) days due to a written request for dialogue by either party, the other party may exercise the right to finally settle the dispute through the Malta Court. I will. Notwithstanding the above, each party may apply for an injunction to the relevant organization.

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Version 0.1 January 14, 2020

These Terms of Use are published in Japanese and English for the convenience of providing information. From a legal point of view, the Japanese version of the Terms of Use will prevail.