Our Brands

Vera&John has been livening up the online casino scene since 2011 with its own unique brand of casino entertainment. This bubbly brand has carved a niche for itself as a different kind of online gambling experience, catering to a wide sector of the market and enjoying a strong gender balance. Vera&John is a friendly, caring, fun-loving kind of casino, which is reflected in its vibrant brand tonality, and range of creative and exciting promotional offers.

Vera&John is able to boast strong appeal to both male and female players thanks to its easy-going brand and tone, allowing you to reach a wider variety of players. To go along with its fun and friendly brand tone, Vera&John has a renowned customer service team offering round-the-clock service to its players, as well as a competitive Loyalty program and exciting monthly offers.

The team at VJ Group Affiliation is proud to be able to represent one of the original online casinos. The iconic InterCasino is a long-standing giant of online gambling, having been around since 1996. InterCasino has been able to offer players years of excellent service and unforgettable gambling experiences, boasting a legacy of integrity, trust, and passion which has carried it forward through over 20 years of fierce competition.

So, what’s kept InterCasino going where so many others have failed? We think it has something to do with the brand’s straight-shooting tonality and dedication to excellence. InterCasino cuts through the confusion and values clear communication, along with sleek, refined visuals and a focus on high-value offers for high-value players.